Thanks for asking me to be a part of your special day! I love performing at weddings and hope I can play at yours! 

Since I am a full-time musician and worship pastor, who is regularly on tour, it requires some detailed planning to make sure I can play for your event. There is a lot involved on my side as a performer including custom arrangements, rehearsing, admin, logistics, gear needs, and blocking the date on my calendar. Besides working at the church, touring and performing are how I provide for my family. So, if I'm reserving the day for a private event, I can't book anything else. But, I love being available for my friends and fans, so I hope we can work it out!

Here are my rates for private performances in the greater Austin, TX area. If extended travel is required, there might be additional expenses. Please contact me personally for details on how I can travel to your wedding!

Solo Performance

Ceremony        $350

  • 2 songs, personally arranged

  • or, 1-6 songs from my song list

Reception        $400

  • two 50-minute sets

  • 1 song, personally arranged

  • songs from my song list

PA Rental         $150

  • full PA to support my performance sound needs

  • wireless mic for wedding party's use

  • headphone input for personal playlists (iPod, etc)

  • setup, torn down, and engineered by me

Full Package    $850

  • ceremony performance

  • reception performance

  • PA rental

  • bonus 30 minute set



If additional musicians are desired, I can contract them personally to perform at your event. 
These include vocalists, guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin, cello, trumpet, saxophone or clarinet
Prices listed are in addition to the rates above. 

Ceremony         $300
Reception         $350
Full Package     $575


PA Rentals (Non-Performance)

Sometimes, you just need a good PA for a party or to supplement your event.
Even if I'm not performing, I can still help you out by setting up and running sound for you! 

I've got a few different PA sizes that are perfect for small ensembles, full bands, or loud enough
to run an iPod and wireless microphone so you can interact with your guests. 

For these rates, please send me a simple outline of what you're looking for and I can tell you
how to best serve your sound needs.