I have sat in many places
staring into nowhere thinking
about that night and all the things you said
we’ve come this far and anything
can happen yet so I keep breathing
in and out to the rhythms in my head

it's not something you're doing
believe me when I say

I have got my reasons to be leaving this behind me
and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind
you don’t have to understand it 
no one has and no one will
just shake my hand it’s time we said goodbye

the hailstorm in my mind’s a cadence 
bringing life to what’s been faded
feeling like my feet have left the ground
high above the common scenes 
of right and wrong and in between
I’ve reached the heavens I’m never coming down

by the time you hear this verse 
the stories will be well rehearsed
and no one will remember how it was
keep our picture in the frame 
and nothing ever has to change
nothing has ‘cause nothing ever does

soon you won't remember

Take Two

let’s give it one more shot
show ‘em what we've got
and what we've got to lose
so where we gonna’ go?
we don’t have to know
but I’m sure we’ll make it home

it comes and goes
we can't get high if there's no low

let’s try it on for size
I’ve been waiting my whole life
to find the one that fits
and all I found is you
so if we’re taking two
I’ll take what I can get

I'm sure we'll make it home