Turn This Thing Around

when the big man brings the hammer down
you’ve gotta’ dig your heels into the ground
show ‘em what you’re worth, show ‘em what you’re worth

but when the conversation in your heart
makes you question everything you are
how much can it take before it starts to break?

all they want is all you’ve got and all you need is love
teach yourself to share the wealth and you’ll always have enough

I still believe that we can turn this thing around,
that we can find some common ground where we can stand
it’s not enough to sit and talk about love
you gotta’ get some dirt on your hands

if we keep on choosing not to think
‘bout the “who’s” and “what’s” and “why’s” behind the scenes
how’re we gonna’ tell what’s heaven and what’s hell?

they may not put your name in lights
but if it helps you sleep at night

Where I'm Coming From

I’ve got grandpa’s beat up guitar
it’s got stories that I will never know
some will make you smile, some are better left untold

it’s been worn in, fixed and broken,
it’s got bruises, but ever one was earned
sometimes getting hurt is just the only way you learn

but, if I tune it up just right
and play it loud and bright
the stars will realign
and you might understand where I’m coming from

I’m not perfect, hardly worth it
I’ve got stories that you will never know
some of them are mine, but all the better ones I stole

but, if you play your cards just right
and open up your eyes
you might just see the light
and you might understand where I am coming from

I am trying to keep on fighting,
it’s so easy to let ‘em drag you down
will I keep it up when there’s no one else around?

there’s no where left to hide
I am who I am and I’m doing alright
if you just take the time,
then you might understand where I am coming from

I am my father’s son
and I know that he’s proud of the things I have done
if you knew the mess I was
then you might understand where I am coming from

Bright Shiny Day

they said they’d love you but they’re leaving
now you got no hand to hold
if you’re looking for a reason
every night will come and go

so don’t loose hope in the sunrise
it’s gonna’ be a bright, bright, shiny day
even if things just don’t go our way
we will not lie down and let them take
everything we’re fighting for


I am no stranger to addiction,
the Sirens know my name
every man will find some friction
trying to keep his head on straight

so even if it’s just a whisper
a chorus, or a groan
if you raise an Alleluia,
you will not sing alone

Feeling Good

there ain’t nothin’ wrong with feeling good
there ain’t nothin’ wrong with feeling good
everybody cries and everybody should
but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with feeling good

you got that monkey on your back
trying to throw you off the track
you don’t even have to notice or react
just look in the eyes and tell ‘em that


there ain’t nothin’ wrong with having faith
there ain’t nothin’ wrong with having faith
even if you don’t, you don’t have to change
but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with having faith

if you’d rather see the sunny side fall on the undignified
then don’t look so confused
that when it starts to rain, you got no one to blame

Fast Machines

I get home much too late and find you in our bed asleep
you tried to wait for me, but couldn’t keep your sad eyes open
the shape you take inside the covers is a call to come and hide
from the chaos and the clutter that keeps taking up my time
and filling up my mind

I don’t need fast machines or TV screens if I got you
I don’t need silver spoons or crowded rooms if I got you
I could stay awake 'til my body aches and sleep away the afternoon
but that won’t do, I’m coming home to you

they say that movie stars are just like us without the scars
but when the lights go out they hope that they got someone they can hold
like a sailor in the city I feel strangely out of place
what you see is just my body if my mind’s in outer space
and I’ve felt like this for days

the sweetest sound in this whole town is how you say my name
and neon lights can hypnotize, but nothings gonna’ take your place
no, no, no

Break Of Dawn

I think I’m overrated, but I have no excuse
nothing seems to make me feel inspired
my head is just a bombshell, my tongue is just the fuse
I need someone to keep from the fire

you are the break of dawn,
I kiss the morning with a smile
and no one can deny me
and when the day is done
you are the stars above my head
and every light inside me

I’ve been called a bother, ‘caused my share of war
I do not mean to hurt the ones I love
but I can’t walk on water, might never reach the shore
how can you forgive the things I’ve done?

and in the afterglow when we are all alone,
you sing a melody that only we will know
I am home inside the color in your eyes,
they are a picture of the perfect world
that I’ve been trying to find

Out Of Hand

what am I waiting for? an opportunity?
a perfect metaphor to describe the things you do to me?

if it was easy then I wouldn’t want to do it
but it’s gonna’ be amazing when we finally make it through
why do we do the things we do?

you know it’s breakable
but I’m capable of putting it together again
I think you’re terrified of the things inside
so you’d never let it get out of hand

what are you looking at? am I a specimen?
another artifact on the keychain of a pessimist?

it’s problematic but you don’t have a solution
can I suggest that you just keep it to yourself?
I didn’t ask you for your help

and you’re trying not to show it, but you’re losing all control
     you better tighten up your grip before the come and take it all
and stormy weather seems to break everything that you create
     you watch it wash away and wonder if it’s ever gonna’ change
oh, the train is coming fast and the moment never lasts
if you want it go and get it, don’t let nothing hold you back
or slow you down

please remember what you came here for

The Ship

you never signed the dotted line
but you played the game most every night
it’s not a crime, but you know it isn’t right

they know your face and how you sound
they even let you come around
it’s not your fault, but maybe you’re the one to blame

when the ship goes down
who will save and who will you drown?
will the lifeboat hold
all of your silver and all of your gold?

underneath the stained veneer
things are finally coming clear
it could be true or it could be what you use to cope

it’s not an easy call
our back’s against the wall
a thousand people are screaming
something’s got to change, change, change
something’s got to change, change, change


everything is coming to an end
but don’t be sad we’ll be them all again
let me set the record straight
I am not giving up, I’m just so tired of the game

we see what we want to see
but nothing’s gonna’ make me believe
that sticking around is gonna’ change anything

I want you to do what you’ve got to do
I want you to prove what you’ve got to prove

everybody’s giving up some ground
but no not me, I’ll keep it safe and sound inside my head
and if you ask I’ll bring it up again
if you start bringing up the past

time and time again it’s on my mind
the way it could have been
but now we choose to carry on
to die another day before we sing a different song

Hear Love

it’s not that hard to live and die
but it falls apart when you ask, “Why?”
first you learn what’s wrong and right
then it fades to grey

the things I thought when I was young
and all the melodies I’ve sung
only speak of battles won
and not the fight

I am not who I used to be
but who I am is who I am
the rivers run into the sea
and crash back on the sand

every word I’ve ever said
sounded good inside my head
but when you’re lying in your bed
you start to doubt

I do not fear love, ‘cause I’ve learned to hear love
singing in the darkness of my heart and turning it to gold